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Die Hand vor Augen

Categories: Film Short Fiction

My Roles: Project Manager / Producer

A couple goes on vacation for a weekend and their future plans are disturbed…
Die Hand vor Augen Film Still Photo

Micha, a young ambitious investment banker, and his girlfriend Anne, a teacher who is very committed to her job, decide to go on vacation for a weekend. During their trip, she reveals to him her plans for their future life as a couple, but he does not return these feelings. On a rainy day, they find a wounded man in the woods and decide to take him into their hunting lodge in order to take care of him. Micha feels strongly attracted to the stranger and tries by all means to hide his secret affection.

- 32nd Filmfestival Max-Ophüls 2011

Production: Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
Director: Dustin Loose
Duration: 26 min
Year: 2010 - Country: Germany