The Inner World - TV Series Trailer

An Animated Children Series (26x11min) - Pitched at Cartoon Forum 2013
1 min
My Role: 
Animation Producer

Ferdinand Engländer

Short Synopsis: 
Deep in the infinite earth lies Asposia. This enormous hollow space is home to the Asposians. One of the is the inconspicuous Robert. The clumsy but good-natured Asposian, Robert, grows up with his uncle Lamberti, the owner of the Mechatre, and works as an errand boy and a jack of all trades for the Wind-Fountain Abbot Conroy. His best friend and constant companion is a pigeon named Peck. Robert enjoys his work for Conroy. The problem is, that the tiny but megalomaniacal Conroy wishes to seize power over all Asposia and plots to overthrow the beloved king Lupius. Of all people, Robert’s friend Laura, who is secretly in love with Robert, and whom he tries to impress with his nose-flute skills, is Conroy’s most dangerous enemy. She has seen through Conroy’s charade. So it’s quite convenient that Robert works for Conroy and learns of his nasty intentions. Time and again this enables the three friends Robert, Laura and Peck to save the beautiful Asposia from destruction in the nick of time.