About me

Hello! I am Martin, a Producer, Project Manager, Post-Production Supervisor and Technical Artist for Audiovisual Productions like Media Exhibitions, Virtual Reality/360°, Visual Effects and Animation. Currently, I'm based in Berlin.

I worked for Clients and Brands like Lavazza, KTM, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Bayer together with companies Headraft, Tamschick Media+Space, Recom Film, WDR, Congaz, Omstudios, studioNICE, Bastei Media, FFL Ludwigsburg and others.

In a cross-functional "expert-generalist" role I like to combine my project management knowledge with technology and creative/design aspects, also covering tasks like Creative Producing, Editing, Previs and On-Set VR/VFX Supervision; Technical Directing, Compositing, 3D CGI, Matchmoving, Online-Editorial, Finishing/Mastering and DIT Data Management.

My Tech Stack includes: Nuke, Houdini, PDG, Redshift, Modo, Blender, Syntheyes, Mistika VR, Resolve, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Unreal & Unity, Deadline, Ftrack, Shotgun, Python, Git, Vagrant, Ansible.

Currently on the never ending Learn + R&D list: Houdini, Unreal, WebXR, Neural Networks from Scratch in Python, Pipeline DevOps TD tricks

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/martinbackhaus

Recent Freelance Work

Projects & Filmography

Publications & Talks

2014 Co-Author of the SIGGRAPH 2014 Talk "Dark Matter - A Tale of Virtual Production"

Certificates, Workshops & Masterclasses

January 2020 PH526x: Using Python for Research - a course of study offered by HarvardX, an online learning initiative of Harvard University
June 2014 High Value for your Budget - The Creative Use of Virtual Production
EFA Masterclass 2014 with Marc Weigert
Oct 2010 - Mar 2011 Animation Sans Frontières - The Animation Production Workshop

University & Schools

Oct 2008 - Apr 2013 Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, Ludwigsburg
Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction

since 2008, 2 years: Film Production
since 2010, 2 years: Animation & VFX Producing
Graduation (Diploma): April 2013
www.filmakademie.de / www.animationsinstitut.de
Aug 1996 - Jun 2005 Grammar School / Secondary School: Hardtberg-Gymnasium Bonn
Degree: Abitur (German A-Levels / German Baccalauréat)

Specific Skills & Software Experience

  • Producer / Project Management
    • including Story Development, Project Breakdowns, Biddings, Scheduling, Budgeting, Financing and Monitoring/Controlling of several Fiction, Documentary, Commercial, Animation, VFX, Post-Production, Virtual-Production and Virtual-Reality projects since 2004
  • Film Shoots
    • VR/360° & VFX Set-Supervision for several commercials
    • DIT Data Management
    • Production Sound Mixer / Recordist for many short films and documentaries (Sounddevices 788T/744T)
  • Post Production
    • Postproduction-Supervision, including VR 360°, Stereoscopic 3D,
      Virtual Production; Arri Alexa, Blackmagic, RED, Sony Cameras
      from Preproduction to Delivery since 2004
    • Multi screen / projection and very high resolution media installations (one installation with 56x HD screens and 107.520 x 1.080 px resolution)
    • (Online-) Editing, Conforming and Finishing with DaVinci Resolve, Assimilate Scratch, DVS Clipster, Nuke Studio, Premiere Pro, Avid (Symphony), Final Cut Pro
    • DCP Mastering with DVS Clipster, easyDCP+ and OpenDCP
    • 360° VR Stitching and Stabilisation using Nuke Cara VR and Mistika VR
    • TV Broadcast, Bluray, DVD, H.264 Mastering / Encodings, including FFmpeg, x264
    • Data & Storage Management
    • Sound Editing/Mixing Basics with ProTools (Stereo Sound Mixes for several projects)
  • Visual Effects & Animation
    • VFX and VR/360° On-Set Supervision for several projects (commercials and short films)
    • Shotgun, ftrack & TACTIC Asset / Shot / Project-management
    • Advanced Spreadsheet Calculations (Excel, LibreOffice, Google Sheets)
    • Compositing with Nuke (including Stereoscopic CARA VR) and After Effects
    • Timeline/Shot Management & Review with Nuke Studio, Hiero, RV, Pdplayer
    • Matchmoving (Intermediate) with Syntheyes
    • SideFX Houdini and Redshift General 3D Knowledge
    • 3D with Modo: Spatial 3D Previsualisation, Projection Mapping
    • Renderfarms: Thinkbox Deadline, Royalrender
  • Software Development & IT Operations
    • Intermediate Python 2 & 3:
      Batch Encode Scripts, AWS Thinkbox Deadline Scripts, Nuke Scripting.
    • Version Control with Git
    • Elementary Studio SysAdmin knowledge (Windows, macOS, Linux)
    • Core Knowledge about DevOps IT automation, implementing a setup with Git, Vagrant and Ansible (on CentOS 7) to deploy Windows 10 DCC workstations
    • Webdesign, Site-Building Basics (XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress & Drupal)
    • Linux Ubuntu User since 2007
  • Misc
    • Languages: German (native), English (fluent), French (Basics)


Oct-Dec 2005 &
July/Aug 2007
Two Internships at Brainpool TV GmbH, Cologne:
- TV Show "Elton vs. Simon" (Production Staff, Assistant Editor)
- TV Series "Pastewka" (Location / AD Dept.)